1. What will be the topic of your conference at ICPME2021?

So consequentially my topic for 2021 will be “Celebration”. I know you will all be intrigued by this theme. And so will I – because I have not put it together yet.

2. You have participated in many AEIPRO congresses. Why do you think this congress has been successful for 25 years?

That has been one of the features of the ICPME events – to meet old friends and make new acquaintances, to hear the latest news, good ideas (and some daft ideas), well-founded and practical research, pieces of gossip – with enthusiastic hosts, in a nice city, in a welcoming country, with good people.

For me, these conferences are the best “working holidays”. Long may they continue. By the way, they are well organized, international, and in English – what more could I ask?

3. Do you prefer to participate in a virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid congress? Why?

It is a little challenge for me. And we are having many new challenges at present – at different scales – with Covid impacts, climate change, international tensions – and remote working.

I am from a pre-tech, pre-virtual generation – paper and pens were essentials – with stamps and envelopes, face-to-face was the normal - with occasional landline telephone calls, plus unreliable fax machines and early photocopiers – happy days. That’s progress.

 The latest changes to an ALL virtual and digital working world have been a shock – for me and everyone else. But we are “managing” to get through. However personally I would like to get back to some face-to-face – soon – please – when appropriate – including with business colleagues in the pub – where useful work gets done and relationships mature.

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